Bound Woman Teacher :: Yui Hatano

47 Bound Woman Teacher :: Yui HatanoA man’s teacher and student are unevenness unevenness at the good looks of a female teacher and my Yui Hatano every day. One of students discovers the place in which Yui is doing masturbation, and succeeds in photography one day. This is told to the teacher of the man who aims at her, and a Yui my plan is offered! First of all, in a staff room Skull job, Yui’s is made into by finger Mann and Ma, of size is stuffed into a mouth, and it discharges in inside! The student who was sure that a plan goes well binds her up, and does caress and insertion just as he likes in a classroom. Yui who feels earnestly though humiliation is felt, and sounds pant voice obscenely. The last is taken out in a vagina and will be in an absent-mindedness state with the expression of !

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